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Blooms for Bellas Wedding Planning Charity in Dallas


Blooms For Bellas

Blooms for Bellas is a service offered by Ivory & Vine Event Co. that will allow you to make a floral donation in your name to a local charity of your choosing.

At the end of the evening, when all of the vendors are clearing out the space from the wedding, most couples choose to toss the gorgeous flowers that they've spent so much money on - and that makes us really sad! Blooms for Bellas allows us to use your leftover flowers to brighten someone else's day!

With this service, you may select from a list of participating recipients including nursing homes, orphanages, hospice care facilities and halfway homes to provide them with beautiful, re-purposed flower arrangements from your event. Ivory & Vine Event Co. will manage and deliver the bloom donation on your behalf.

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