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Erika & Bill | Dallas Wedding

Erika and Bill's private backyard wedding encompassed everything we love about a wedding; small, intimate and full of love and laughter.  We loved how much this couple truly made their wedding their own. From walking each other down the aisle to their careful selection of music, Erika & Bill's wedding was infused with their personalities and style. This was a beautiful evening full of close family and friends, and we were so happy to plan and design such an intimate celebration!

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Pro Tip | What is the difference between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Planner?

This is a question we receive too many times to count: what's the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner? If my venue already has a coordinator there, do I even need to hire a wedding planner? What services would a wedding planner provide that a venue coordinator would not? In this week's blog post, we'll tell you all about the differences between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator, and why you should have both, not one or the other.

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What Should I Wear As A Wedding Guest?

We've all had that dilemma. You receive your wedding invitation in the mail - you open it, getting excited as you read through all of the details; drinks, dancing - friends, it sounds like an amazing night! But then one phrase sticks out to you: Black Tie Optional. What does that mean? Should you wear a suit and tie? A tuxedo? Well we have the answers for you.

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Beautiful Bridesmaids

We love the photos from the morning of the wedding - all of the excitement in the air, a bride getting ready with her best girls, a glass of bubbly in her hand. The morning of your wedding should be full of love and happiness, free of any kind of wedding stress.

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