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How To Keep "Helping Hands" Busy

We all know that relative - the one who thinks they're being helpful but in reality, they're driving you a little crazy in your wedding planning process. Most friends and family members just want to take a little bit of the stress off of your shoulders and feel like they're being useful, but sometimes it can just end up getting on your nerves. Looking for a way to get your happy helpers out of your hair? Look no further! We've listed our top 5 ways to keep your family and friends busy - in a productive way!

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Christina and Aaron's Dallas Engagement Session

We're getting so excited for all of our 2017 couples! Christina and Aaron are getting married in March at the Warwick Melrose Hotel in Dallas, and we're putting the final touches on planning and designing their dream wedding! Christina and Aaron took their gorgeous engagement photos with the one and only Amy Karp, and we just couldn't wait to share a few with you!

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