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How To Keep "Helping Hands" Busy


We all know that relative - the one who thinks they're being helpful but in reality, they're driving you a little crazy in your wedding planning process. Most friends and family members just want to take a little bit of the stress off of your shoulders and feel like they're being useful, but sometimes it can just end up getting on your nerves. Looking for a way to get your happy helpers out of your hair? Look no further! We've listed our top 5 ways to keep your family and friends busy - in a productive way!

Five things that your friends and family members can do to help you in your wedding planning process:

  1. Alphabetizing your escort cards - This is a tedious task that requires time and focus. We highly recommend that you make sure that you order your escort cards in alphabetical order, but if you forget, your family and friends can come in handy! As long as they know the order of the alphabet and are somewhat organized, you can put them in charge of alphabetizing your escort cards before the wedding day. This will make it much easier on your wedding planner the day-of, and setting up your fabulous escort card table will be a breeze!

  2. Filling out designated tip envelopes - A great way to thank your amazing wedding vendors for all they've done for you us by giving them a tip. Not only is it recommended, but it's actually expected by a few wedding professionals. Writing out tip-envelopes prior to the wedding day is a great way to remind yourself, and you can give them to your wedding planner to hand out once your reception is over.

  3. Bringing plastic tubs and vases to the wedding reception - One of the worst parts of a wedding for us is watching your gorgeous flowers get tossed in the trash. Whether you're jet-setting off to your honeymoon or you simply don't have the room, you'll most likely have the wedding staff toss your flowers at the end of the night. Asking friends and family members to bring vases and plastic tubs will allow you to transport a few of your favorite arrangements back home, and you can even gift some to your happy helpers! You can also hire us for our Blooms for Bella's service, where we will make a floral donation with your arrangements to a charity of your choosing! Read more about it here!

  4. Picking up your personal items at the end of the evening - This is a task that's typically reserved for the wedding planner and parents; nonetheless, make sure that you've designated someone to pick up your belongings at the end of your reception. This includes everything from your shoes and change of clothes to your emergency makeup kit and phone charger.

  5. Stuffing your invitations - This can take quite a bit of time for one person, especially if you have all of the elaborate details including wax seals, RSVP cards, envelope liners and custom maps. Our suggestion: have a wedding invitation stuffing party! Invite your bridesmaids over for some bubbly, appetizers and a romcom and set up an assembly-style stuffing line. You'll have the invitations done in no time and then you can just enjoy a girl's night in!

If you're farther along in your wedding planning process but still need help finalizing the last few details, contact us here. We would be happy to discuss our various wedding planning packages and how we can be of service to you!