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Friday Favorites | Guest Book Ideas

Photo Credit:  Read Between The Lines

In this week's Friday Favorites, we're going to discuss a little wedding detail that often doesn't get too much thought or attention: your guest book! Photo books with accompanying pens, giant poster boards of your engagement photos for guests to sign, inky thumb-print trees - we've seen it all. But let's face it - are you really going to hang that thumb-print guest canvas in your house for years to come?

It's important to consider how you want to remember who attended your wedding. Do you want a sweet heartfelt note from each guest at your intimate mountainside wedding? Or do you want fun date ideas from all 300 of your Dallas soiree attendees? The options are endless, but we've listed a few of our favorites below:

1. Polaroid Photo Display

Photo Credit:  Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Set up a fun station with Polaroid cameras and pens for guests. As they arrive, they can snap a cute photo of themselves and write their names and well wishes on the white space with pens. Hang them with clothes pins in a line for a fun display, or arrange them according to the seating chart for a fun escort card board. After the wedding, you'll be able to look back on all of their bright, smiling faces and feel the warm fuzzies that you felt on your wedding day! 

2. Giant Jenga

Photo Credit:  Brides of Adelaide

Photo Credit: Brides of Adelaide

Set up a box full of giant jenga blocks and pens for your attendees. Guests can write anything including well-wishes, love notes to the bride and groom, marriage advice, or fun date ideas to spice things up.

3. World Map

Photo Credit:  Society 6

Photo Credit: Society 6

For the traveling couple - lay out a world map with fine-tipped sharpies and optional push-pins. Your guests can pin or mark destinations either where they think you should visit, or where they are from. This can act as a little guide for you as you plan your next adventures together, and you'll know exactly who to ask for tips about the best restaurants, shopping and dining in your destination!

3. Favorite Recipes

Photo Credit:  Anthropologie

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

We're always looking for the next fun recipe to tantalize our taste-buds. What better way to fill up your recipe book than by asking your most trusted friends and family members about their favorite foodie finds? Whether it's cinnamon sugar toast or grandma's secret truffle gnocchi recipe - this is a fun way for your guests to share a little piece of themselves with you - and you'll actually use it!

These are only a few of our favorite guest book ideas - for more information on how to implement unique ideas and personal touches into your wedding, contact us here. We would love to help you plan and design your special day!

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