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Pro Tip | Rescue Flats

This week's pro tip is for the ladies. One of our favorite party favors comes from Rescue Flats, a company who makes beautiful couture boxes of ballet flats for your guests to use at the wedding reception when their feet start hurting. We've all felt that feeling, dancing the night away with your girlfriends only to find a slow creeping pain in your feet. Maybe wearing your brand new Sam Edelman pumps to this wedding wasn't the best idea after all...

Not anymore! With these adorable favors, your guests can kick off their heels and select from a variety of sizes and colors of ballet flats to wear - keeping that dance party going well into the night.

It all started at Sarah's wedding. The president of Rescue Flats noticed that halfway through her reception, her guests began to complain about their feet hurting and started to slowly fade to their seats, bringing the dance party to an end. Sarah and her sister in law, Jeni, started Rescue Flats in 2013 and since then, they have been in over 700 weddings. They have been recognized at both the WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards 2014/2015 and the Wedding Industry Experts Awards in 2015.

Rescue Flats are comfortable fold-able flats with an elastic that secures around the toes. The flats are water resistant, padded, and come in faux leather in multiple colors to match your guests' outfits. These are a few of our favorite colors:

The flats come in a couture black box that is made easy to transport and set up at your venue. Each box contains 20 high heel bags and 20 Rescue Flats wrapped in black satin ribbons. The flats come in multiple sizes, five small, 10 medium and 5 large. The boxes cost $229 each, and the experts recommend one box for every 60 guests.

A little pro tip from us: buy the "Scratch & Dent" sale box for $139. The box is a little scratched and bruised from previous rentals, but the flats inside are pristine and new. If you purchase this option you can ask your wedding planner to arrange a cute display to show off your wedding favor instead - a win win!

We hope you enjoy these adorable little party favors as much as we do! There's really nothing quite like a stylish favor that gives your guest the little boost they need to keep the party going all night long.