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How To Build The Perfect Wedding Website

Photo: The Knot

Photo: The Knot

Did you know that almost 40% of couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day? Amidst the busy engagement season we're having, we wanted to take some time to help you with your wedding planning process.

One of the most important tools in your wedding planning process is your wedding website. Not only will it give your guests valuable information about your wedding day including date, time and location, but it will also give them insight into your shared love story and items you've registered for on your wedding registry.

We always recommend that our couples use a free wedding website builder, like The Knot. Here, you can choose from over 100 designs to find the one that fits your wedding best. You can also personalize your URL to make it easier for your guests to find you in a Google search. 

Here are our top 5 tips for creating the perfect wedding website:

  1. Include the location, date and time of your event - This means both the ceremony and reception. Make sure to include addresses to the specific buildings, and let guests know to arrive 15 minutes early to avoid any late-comers.
  2. Include links to your registry - Don't make it hard for your guests to find the perfect gift. On your wedding website with The Knot, you can even register with your favorite charity so that guests can make a donation in your name. We love gifts with a good cause!
  3. Give guests a personal touch - Be sure to include the story of how you and your fiancee met, including a video if possible! Add photos that showcase your journey together, with fun insights into your life together! Additionally, include information about your bridal party. Your Aunt Sarah will want to know who the girls are standing next to you! Whatever you do, don't include TOO much information. This is just to give guests a little background information, not a complete autobiography.
  4. Use the RSVP online option - This is a great option for people who don't want to receive mail-in RSVPs to their house, or for couples who will be moving to a new place of residence during their engagement.
  5. Include information about attire - Make sure to let guests know what to wear to your wedding! Black Tie, Black Tie Optional, even White Tie Optional - for more information on how to figure out what your wedding dress code is, visit our post on tuxedo rentals and dress code.

Your wedding website can be so much more than a secondary save the date. Put a little more thought and effort into it, and it can be one of the most useful tools for both you and your guests in the wedding planning process!

Need more advice on how to plan the perfect wedding? Contact us here! We would be honored to help you plan and design your dream wedding day!